15 Best Marine LED Lights for Boats

LED lighting has been taking the world by storm for the last several years, illuminating everything from warehouses to grocery stores. Now, LED lighting for boats is the next step in their efficient and environmentally friendly takeover. LED lights for boats are safer, more efficient, and offer much more bang for your buck. In fact, switching from the outdated incandescent navigation lights to light-emitting diodes have totally revolutionized the level of safety boaters enjoy when sailing at night.

Known for using little power, emitting almost no heat, lasting long, and providing abundant, bright light, marine LED lights are perfect for boaters looking to hit the water at night. There are many LED lights for boats to choose from: lights for navigation, search, fishing, cabin, accent and ambiance, underwater, and more. If you’re not sure which LED lights are best for your boating needs, check out the 15 best marine LED lights for boats. You might just find the marine LED light you’re looking for.

The 15 Best Marine LED Lights for Boats

1. SCANDVIK ScanStrip LED Light: The ScanStrip LED Light is the latest re-design of an tried and true Scandvik favorite. The LEd light strip is newer, better, and brighter than ever thanks to the use of LED technology. This light strip now offers even more light while still holding a lower draw on power. The ScanStrip LED light can be placed anywhere on your boat, making it the perfect addition for when you need more visibility in both wet and dry locations. The ScanStrip comes in colors white, green, pink, and blue, with varying sizes respectively. This LED fixture is USCG Certified Ignition Protected.

2. T-H MARINE LED Stainless Puck Light: This fixture is perfect as a ceiling light in your boat cabin, a courtesy light on deck, placed under cabinets, in compartments, the cockpit, or used as a headliner. It has an ultra-polished 304 stainless steel housing and a clear, polycarbonate engineered lens optic that offers both uniform and wide angle lighting. The circuit board of the fixture is sealed in water-resistant epoxy, which also protects from erosion and damage from vibrations and rough conditions. The LED lights within the puck light have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours!

3. SEACHOICE LED Underwater Light Strip: The SeaChoice underwater light strop comes with #8 screws and is pre-drilled for easy installation. This waterproof fixture illuminates the water at night when fishing or cruising, and offers 24 lumens of bright light. The light stips come in three different size options.

4. TACO METALS LED Spreader Light: This UV LED spread light can be installed anywhere on your boat. It has an impact resistant housing and a polycarbonate lens with shock resistant LEDs. The adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket and adjustable tilt make it perfect for custom use--you can illuminate any space you need or want. The high 675 lumens light output is equal to a 50 Watt halogen bulb, but it is much safer on the environment and will last longer over time.

5. HELLA Sea Hawk 9-33V DC White LED Floodlight Spread: This LED light is suitable for installation anywhere on board your boat, whether inside outside. The piece is compact, lightweight, and completely sealed to remove worry of erosion, water damage, or other issues from everyday boat occurrences. It illuminates any space with 240 lumens of bright, white light and consumes less than 3W. Made with a sturdy polyamide “optical nylon” lens and nylon housing, this piece is highly durable and able to withstand rough conditions onboard. In addition, Multivolt electronics offer protection from reverse polarity, low battery voltages, and voltage spikes. Spread lamps such as the Sea Hawk are great for installation in cockpits, transom areas, and cabins.

6. SCANDVIK RGB LED Flex Strip LIght Kit: The Scandvik RGB LED Flex-Strip Kit is an all in one custom lighting system for your boat. The kit includes Y harnesses and extensions as well as quick connect wiring to make the installation process a breeze, a wireless remote control, RGB controller with RF wireless remotes, controller manual, and more.. What’s more, Flex-Strips can be cut if you need a shorter size for a specific space on your boat.

7. ATTWOOD MARINE C-Clamp Mount Portable LED Nav Light Kit: The navigation light kit ensures your safety when out on the water at night. The compact and portable LED navigation lights are super durable, easy to use and store, and come with one of the strongest mounting pole configurations Attwood has to offer.This kit is great for use when camping, fishing, or when out on solo voyage. The kit comes with both red and green LED bow light, white LED stern light, pole, hardware, and quick release mounts. The kit also offers 150+ hours of bright, intense light when powered by three AAA batteries, and sealed casing to ensure the lights stay in use even during the harshest and wettest conditions.

8. AQUA SIGNAL Maputo 12V/24V LED Multi Purpose Surface Mount Light: Ideal for the engine room, cabin, storage lockers, kitchen, and other work spaces, this light is a designed for interior multipurpose use. It has a 3 position rocker switch for white light, color (red), and no light, and mounts easily to any flat surface. The 4 mounting screws needed for installation are not included.

9. OCEAN LED X8 Underwater Light Midnight Blue: The Ocean LED series of underwater LED lights are perfect for all your night fishing or cruising needs. They output up to 2,300  fixture lumens, sport a low profile design, and come in Midnight Blue, Ultra White, and other color options. The X8 Underwater has focused optics and offers a 60 degree surface beam angle that ensures a large area of water is illuminated at all times. Installation is super easy and the fixture itself is low maintenance, putting little to no strain on you for upkeep. Check out the rest of the series.

10. TACO METALS T-Top LED Tube Light (Red): The t-Top LED Tube Light is both waterproof and impact resistant. This means that so long as you don’t go totally underwater, you can take this light fixture just about anywhere. It’s perfectly designed to handle harsh outdoor, marine environments and will fit with most T-Top light housings. So if you already have a T-Top housing, you can easily upgrade to LED lights with little to no hassle. The design of this fixture is smooth and sleek and it comes with mounting clamps that allow it to be easily installed just about anywhere.

11. SCANDVIK LED Spreader Light White: The Scandvik spreader light comes in two designs of varying brightness. It is perfect for both interior and exterior installation and offers bright, intense light equivalent to a 40-50 Watt halogen bulb but without the environmental harm. This spreader light has low power consumption, warm daylight white LED color, and 50,000 hours of lifetime. It may be a little pricey, but it really pays for itself over time!

12. ATTWOOD MARINE LED Docking Lights: The Stainless LED docking lights from Attwood Marine making docking at night easy and safe. The super bright LED lights offer ample illumination and are housed in stainless steel, making them durable for exterior marine use.

13. T-H MARINE LED Slim Line Utility Strip Lights: These utility strip lights are perfect for both the interior and exterior of your boat. The easy surface mount makes it simple to install, and it is 100% waterproof, making it a great addition to your sea-faring vessel. The circuit board is sealed in epoxy in order to resist erosion, jolts and vibrations, and water. The clear lens offers brilliant light without glare so that your space is always perfectly illuminated. These are also offered in blue.

14. T-H MARINE LED Flex Strip Lights (Blue/White): This LED Flexstrip rope light is perfect for ambient  lighting all around your boat. It can be placed under cabinets, in shelving, on the edge of panels, or under bars. The rope is encased in a waterproof sheath and can be safely cut to length. It is water and moisture resistant, giving you a long shelf-life and much use.


15. SCANDVIK 41366 LED Chrome Plated Brass Swivel Cabin and Reading Light
: Finally, the Scandvik Brass Swivel Light is perfect for installation in your cabin, sleeping quarters, or anywhere else you need adjustable light. This fixture has a simple on/off rocker switch and it finished in attractive chrome brass. It can be installed directly to your wall and floods you prefered space with bright, warm daylight white light. Installation is easy and the LED lights offer a long lifetime of use.



Using electrical fixtures on a boat may seem daring or misguided, but the above marine LED lights for boats show that with the proper installation, care, and design, electric fixtures on boats are both safe and useful. Some of these products may require an electrical outlet, but don’t worry. There are plenty of tips on how to safely install and hook up electrical outlets on your boat. In addition, there are others ways to power your boat andthe electrical fixtures on it. Learn more about electrical pieces and fixtures for your boats by checking out the accessories and useful additions that go with them here.