Back to Back Boat Seat Covers

If you’ve ever owned a car, bike, or other vehicle that comes with seating, you know that seats can get seriously worn out over time. This is especially true for boats due to the materials used to create seats that are comfortable as well as durable for constant outdoor use. Unlike a car, you won’t find carpeted seats on your average boats, but rather seats that are mostly resistant to water, tears, and other issues. Of course, the combination of people spreading their natural body oils when they sit, exposure to sun, rain, wind, and other elements and simple accidents with sharp objects like scissors, knives, or fish hooks can lead to serious damage that lowers the quality of your boat or requires expensive repairs. In fact, if a boat seat becomes too damaged, you may be looking at replacing the entire unit rather than repairing the upholstery, which can be super expensive.

One way to protect your boat seats from these issues is to get boat seat covers. Whether you use these covers during storage time only or at all times, they are sure to prolong the life of your boat seats and protect them from permanent damage. Freshly Salted carries a number of boat seating and cover options to help keep your vessels looking good. Back to back boat seats are especially popular because they allow more seating options for boats of all sizes, while also offering a certain level of comfort and space. To learn more about back to back boat seat covers and how Freshly Salted can help you keep your boat protected, keep reading.

What Are Back to Back Boat Seat Covers?

Back to back boat seat covers are just what they sound like: seat covers for back to back seats on your boat. Of course, you likely already knew this simply from the name, but what else is there to them? These seat covers are not just some drapes you throw over your boat seat at the end of the day - they are the first line of protection from natural and unnatural everyday assailants that can damage your back to back boat seats. These assailants include harsh sunshine that can lead to fading, dry conditions that can lead to cracking and tears, wet conditions that can weaken the seat material over time or lead to mold and mildew as well as dust, scratches, rips, and more. These seat covers are specially designed to offer full coverage to your back to back seat units on your boat, ensuring that these uniquely designed seats are taken care of and kept in a good-as-new condition at all times. Back to back boat seats are often referred to as lounge seats, meaning they offer a bit more comfort than the traditional boat seat you might see on different vessels. With this in mind, you want to make sure these seats are properly preserved and covers are an excellent way to keep them looking nice, feeling comfortable, and lasting long.

Why Are These Covers Needed? How Are They Used?

Unlike captain’s chairs and other single chair models, back to back boat seats are often located on the “outside” of the boat - meaning outside of the cabin or other covered area of the boat. They are also often arranged around tables on the deck, showing that they are meant for a more relaxed time while on the water. As such, these seats are out in the open directly beneath the wide open sky, making them subject to everything under the sun and above the waves. These lounge seats are great for chilling on the deck of a boat, fishing while anchored, or sharing food and drink while on a leisurely sail. With this in mind, having these seats out in open immediately answers the question of why covers are needed. As already mentioned, leaving these seats in an outdoor space makes them susceptible to a number of issues, which is why they need the protection of seat covers.

To use your back to back boat seat covers, you begin by stretching them out to their full length. This way, you know that you have the right covers for the back to back seats on your boat. Once you have done this, drape the cover over you seats. When it comes to back to back seats, the covers are often a large enough piece to cover the seat facing the front, and the seat facing the back, meaning one cover provides coverage for two seats, or one back to back unit. Once the unit is covered, you want to ensure that it stays in place. Some seat covers come with an elastic at the bottom (much like on fitted sheets for a mattress) that allows you to pull the cover down to the base and snap the elastic at the largest part of the unit. Other covers require fasteners to stay put, which are simply applied at the corners of the seat covers and secured to the floor of the boat.

Many boaters use their back to back seat covers at night when they’re done sailing to protect their seats from wind, rain/moisture from the sea, and vandals if the boat is docked in a public area. Of course, you can also use your covers during the day as well to protect from an exceptionally bright, hot sun, spills from food and drink if you are hosting passengers, or simply to keep the seats protected in general.

Back to Back Boat Seat Covers and Freshly Salted

At Freshly Salted, we are all about the nautical life, encouraging everyone to live life Freshly Salted. Our goal is to offer our customers the best boating materials and accessories, from covers and seats to fishing equipment and electronics. As your one stop shop for all your boating needs, Freshly Salted is the perfect place to look for boating seating solutions and options and more.

Freshly Salted is proud to offer Deluxe Lounge Seating back to back boat seats from Wise Seating. You can choose from two Wise Seating options: The Deluxe Lounge White and Deluxe Lounge Gray/Navy. Priced at $253.99 and $201.12 respectively, these back to back seat options are exactly the boat seats we’ve been talking about, giving you a clear visual of what kind of covers you should be searching for. These back to back seat options both sport a high impact plastic frame, molded plastic bases with vinyl finish, compression foam padding, and marine grade vinyl. They are also UV treated to help resist fading and mildew, making the added protection of a seat cover a must have if you want you boat seats to be indestructible!

Another option from Freshly Salted are boat tops. These tops provide shade for the entirety of your boat, covering your cabin, deck, and your back to back seats. While they do not provide the precise fit coverage we’ve talked about, they do block out the sun and rain, making them super useful regardless. You can choose from fully assembled Carver Covers that are, on average, six feet in length and capable of covering a large area of your vessel. They are sturdy, easy to erect, and easy to take down when you need to and provide complete, impenetrable coverage for your seats and more.

When you have the seats you want, don’t hesitate to ask us where to find the very best back to back boat seat covers. We are adding these products to our inventory soon, so keep an eye out!