Custom Pontoon Boat Covers with Snaps

If you sail a pontoon boat, you are captain of one of the best boat models around. From their shape to their utility on the water, pontoon boats come with a number of advantages whether you’re fishing or just taking a leisurely sail across the lake or river. These ultra buoyant vessels are especially popular because their unique design allows for lots of cool accommodations such as large and comfortable lounge areas, stand-up bars, and sun pads without sacrificing speed or power. With so many additions on your pontoon boat, you want to make sure that this vessel is perfectly protected when not in use. Whether you’re docking or keeping your pontoon boat stored on land, you should look into a boat cover. The most secure designs are custom pontoon boat covers with snaps because they are made specifically for your boat. This means they will always fit perfectly and securely, ensuring that there is no wiggle room to get around, ruin, or destroy your custom cover. Freshly Salted offers an inventory of pontoon boat covers with snaps, making us a top choice for your pontoon boat cover needs. To ensure you’re making the best choice for your vessel, let’s run through why custom pontoon boat covers with snaps are your best option for protection.

Custom Pontoon Boat Covers

There’s really nothing better than a bespoke item - you know you’re getting something that is going to work for you specifically so you have a super low chance of having to return it, rework it, or reorder it completely. When it comes to your pontoon boat, the unique design of your custom cover ensures that everything, from your lounge seats and bar to sun pads and more are always protected and kept in excellent condition. What’s more, the vessel itself is less likely to suffer from mildew, sun damage such as fading, cracks, rips, tears, and other issues that can befall a boat on the water without protection. It may seem simple, but a custom pontoon boat cover with snaps can really make all the difference in how long your boat lasts.

Why You Need Them: Keeping Your Pontoon Boat Safe and in Great Condition

When you’re out on the water, your pontoon boat is susceptible to some pretty common issues. As mentioned above, sun damage, scratches, tears, rips, and more can befall your pontoon during a normal day sailing. What’s more, since pontoon boats are gaining popularity as a rather luxurious vessel, you want to ensure that yours is well taken care of so that it lasts a long while as good as the first day you bought it. In addition to this, covers help keep thieves away who may be after different parts and equipment that can be easily removed if left unattended. So, can a custom cover with snaps really make that much of a difference? Freshly Salted thinks so!

Boat Covers

Many boat experts agree that a boat cover is absolutely a boating essential. In fact, there’s even a handy infographic offering six reasons why you need a boat cover. Amongst these reasons are many we have already covered here, such as prevention of scratches, fading, dents, and other damage as well as prevention of theft and ensuring a longer boat life with fewer repairs. Other reasons include:

  • Keeping out Unwanted Guests: Birds and their droppings, bugs, other small animals, and overall debris can befall your boat if it is not covered. Animals and bugs are sure to find their way into your cushy pontoon if it is left uncovered and open for use. Throwing a customer cover it when not in use is such a simple but effective way to avoid these little annoyances.
  • Less Time Cleaning, More Time Sailing: If your pontoon is left uncovered most of the day and night, you can be sure all sorts of unwanted detritus will find their way into the vessel. This means that before you can set sail, you’re going to have to spend some time cleaning up to ensure your vessel is clean, comfortable, and free of trash, stains, and other problems. With a cover, the time you have to spend cleaning is either cut in half or totally nonexistent, meaning you can launch your boat whenever you feel the urge.

Check out the rest of the infographic here.


Snaps and fasteners provide an extra level of protection for your vessel because it ensure that your cover cannot simply be loosened, lifted, or removed by thieves or pesky animals. Though incredibly simple, snaps can quite literally snap your custom pontoon cover into place, securing it around your vessel so that only you can remove it when you so choose. This extra little security measure can make a world of difference because it adds more protection that can deter someone from messing with your boat. Even if they felt able to remove the snaps or fasteners, this would be somewhat time consuming and put them at risk of getting caught. In less sinister views, snaps also keep a cover secure in high winds or harsh weather when it might otherwise blow away. When you incorporate snaps and fasteners as well, you are saving yourself time and money on repairs, replacements, and other issues.

Where to Get Them: Pontoon Boat Covers from Freshly Salted

Freshly Salted offers a selection of custom pontoon boat covers (with snaps!) that can be perfect for you boat. Reasonably priced, easily accessible, and easy to use, these covers are widely regarded as the perfect choice for your vessel. Check out what’s in our inventory:

Seachoice Semi-Custom Boat Cover for Pontoons with Rails & Top - $339.95

This custom pontoon boat cover is styled to fit your specific vessel. Made with 100% oz. cotton duck and applied water repellent, mildew, & UV resistant finish. Includes a ¼ shock cord sewn in hem and joint seams that are folded 4-ply. Includes separate motor cover. Perfect for boats sized 21’ 6 or thereabout.

Seachoice Semi-Custom Boat Cover for Pontoons with Rails & Top - $369.95

This same model is for slightly large boats, coming in at 24’ 6. It is also styled to fit, made with 100% 10 oz. cotton duck and applied water repellent, mildew, and UV resistant finish. A perfectly sturdy

48” High 4 Bow Square Tube Pontoon UPS-Able Bimini Top Sunbrella Fabric Only - $255.99

This custom cover model comes in a variety of covers and offers both a frame and fabric to keep your boat shaded and safe while out on the water. Please note that the frame and fabric are sold separately. Fabric comes with a matching zippered storage boat for easy removal that’s out of the way but ready when you need it.

For more choices and products from Seachoice and Carver Covers, check out their pages here and here.

We hope that you have an easy time choosing the custom pontoon boat cover right for you and your vessel. Remember, it is better to have a cover than to not have one, as covers protect your boat and your wallet from annoying but common issues. Happy Sailing!